We harness the power of intelligent creativity to build remarkable businesses.
At d.ventures, we partner with like-minded professionals to promote knowledge and competence exchange. As a forward-thinking tech-driven company, we use the power of intelligent creativity to build remarkable businesses. Our infrastructure enables us to collaborate with investors and partners from all over the world, who share our passion for innovation that inspires.
With the freedom to evolve their individual ambitions, our team members thrive in a flexible environment, created to help them realize their unique visions.


We provide the infrastructure and support to boost
your product’s or service’s profitable growth.
We specialize in supporting our partners in these areas:
Software development, online marketing, application and website monetization, e-commerce, venture capital
and company building.
Online Marketing
We generate reach and conversion for your product or service by providing customer data analysis, cross-platform ad booking and sophisticated retargeting, based on in-depth marketing research and smart analysis.
1. We identify the target audience through market research, based on our existing data in the respective industry.
2. We create, test and continuously improve campaigns and ads for your specific audience.
3. Our results are generally 30 percent more accurate, compared to the competition.
Software Development
Based on our many years of specific experience in the tech- and IT-sector, we provide comprehensible advice, to develop web and mobile applications for our partners.
1. We assist our partners with a creative, functional concept for any kind of software product.
2. We estimate the effort, plan the development, design, code, test and deliver the product.
3. We provide maintenance and continuously improve the product, based on actual user and customer data.
Monetization of high-traffic applications and websites
From strategy to implementation, we help our partners to build content and generate traffic to increase their revenue for web applications, websites and browser extensions.
1. We develop a list of suitable monetization opportunities, together with our partners.
2. We set up an individual concept for each opportunity and split test multiple sources of income.
E-commerce, FBA/FBM drop-shipping, and brand building
We work with reliable suppliers around the world to manufacture, distribute and sell products efficiently and effectively.
1. We locate suppliers all around the world that manufacture products, according to our specifications in the required quality, and send them to Amazon to retail for us.
2. We resell already popular products by using our own resources and reach, next to Amazon.
Venture Capital
We strategically invest in software products and companies that complement our service portfolio to fulfill our partner’s needs even better. That enables us to incubate even more remarkable businesses and help our partners to take the right investment decisions.
1. We continuously screen and connect to the digital scene.
2. We provide strong business and IT counsel to validate potential investments on a strategic level.
3. We introduce the right people and companies to set them on a path to success or to invest directly.
Company Building
We use our resources and network to incubate and scale our own business models and provide the necessary skills and resources to support your product’s or company’s growth.
1. We build our own projects and products in the B2C and B2B sectors, test them quickly and scale them after a successful evaluation.
2. We provide the essential resources to provide our partner companies a proper infrastructure of skills, capital, and network.