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Who we are

Here we are

We’re investors and company builders

We are a passioned team of developers, entrepreneurs, designers and business angels who are building companies with love and commitment. It does not matter whether we are investing in existing teams or building our own. We love what we do.

Our Vision

investing in people, passion and the future

We dream of a world where each entrepreneur can live his ideas and follow his passion without being held back by a lack of funding or other business challenges. We believe that ideas change the way we think, the way we work and the way we live.

Founders are changing the world and we want to make it happen.

Our Founder

Richard Jung

Our founder Richard Jung has been working as an entrepreneur, developer and designer since he was 14 years old. He is a passioned business man, geek, creative and developer. At his young age Richard has built service agencies, a software development company and several web startups from scratch. With love for IT and innovation, he supports the companies that teamed up with d.ventures with his experience and expertise.

Picture of Richard Jung