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What we do

We build companies and invest in entrepreneurs.

Be ready to take a rocket on your way.

Finance & Cash

We know that one of the most important things when building a company is working capital for offices, human ressources and investments. That is why we are providing money.

HR & Working Space

You will need a lot of people and working space. It does not matter which size you require, we will help you to build a great team and be ready to grow.

Gadget access

We know that most of our entrepreneurs are geeks as well. That is why it´s very important to us that we give you access to the latest gadgets, hardware and tech-toys.

Business Strategy

We provide our partner companies with business counsel and strategic input. This includes the introduction to the right people and companies to set them on a path to success.


We believe that good results are based on passion and fun at work. We care about a good working climate, company events and good vibes in general.


We have a lot of coding experience and love to support our own companies, projects and startups with the expertise of years of experience in tech and IT.

Ready to take a rocket?

We would love to hear from you

Whether you are having a good business opportunity, a great idea or simply would love to work with us in general - shoot us a line or two.

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